What Lykoi Are Made Of…

I have had this idea in my head for some time, but need to gather all the perfect little props and finally set aside some time to make it happen!

So now you can see what Lykoi are made of ;). Cat’s Meow, Toadstools, Jellyfish Stingers, Fairy Dust, and Deadly Nightshade. Be sure to scroll down for the video too! And feel free to share and pin!

Lykoi Girls- 5

Lykoi Girls-1

“Did you say I was pretty?”




Lykoi Girls- 3

Lykoi Girls - 2

Lykoi Girls- 4

Trick or treat…Smell my…feet?

Smell My Lykoi Toes


Lykoi Kittens In a Cauldron


Behind the scenes stuff…

I used to flash units with soft boxes for this set. I also used my Nikon D800 and Sigma 35 1.4 Art lens. Most of my settings were ISO-100, Shutter 1/100, F/4.5. 

The backdrop of the tree is from Photo Prop Floors and Backdrops and is sold HERE.  I used some of my actions from Chasing Light to speed up editing. They are sold HERE.

Behind the scenes!

About The Author


Hi! I am Brittney Gobble, and I have been an animal lover since I was able to crawl after a cute puppy or kitten. When I was about 6 I told my mom I was going to be “rich” one day. When she asked what did “rich” mean, I quickly responded “It means I can have lots of pets!”. I suppose I have achieved that dream…. I married my veterinarian (and love of my life) in 2006 and now breed and show top quality Sphynx cats. I have three beautiful kids and many “four legged” family members running around. A couple of years ago I picked up a camera to begin photographing my kittens, and from there my love of photography has grown. There is nothing that I love more then capturing the “look” in an animal’s eye that truly shows their personality.

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