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Bubble Bath Time!

I love doing kitten mini sessions for my families before their new little additions go home. One of my requests this week was “bubbles”. This adorable girl is going home to Calley P. next week :). I also did a video which I have posted at the end.¬†I apologize for the terrible video quality :(. I had to use my cell to record since I need my pro camera to shoot with. If videos of behind the scenes with the kittens in the studio (with camera settings, and whatever “tips” pop into my mind), kitten playtime (random videos in our house), as well as Q&A type of things (cameras, Lykoi, genetics, etc) is something that our followers would like me to try and post more of, then I am willing to get better equipment for videos. I don’t really enjoy being in front of the camera, I prefer being behind it! But I have made many friends because of the Lykoi (as well as my pet photography), so I am willing to stop hiding and start letting you guys meet my nutty self (and to the friends that already know I am a nut, you would get to see more. Hahaha!). We have also welcomed two baby fox into our family (legally…not captured from the wild) and I could share more about them as well…after all I think most of our subscribers love baby animals of all kinds! Let me know what you guys think in the comments below, or a FB comment as to whether you want more videos (better quality too! LOL!), or should I stick to rare videos and lots of photos like normal ;).

Anyway, all the photos below were shot during that video (I didn’t go back and photograph more after clicking off the video). Isn’t she a cutie pie?

Bubble-1 Bubbles-5 Bubbles-4 Bubbles-3 Bubble-2Bubble-6

Two corrections from the video…I switched my ISO to 100…I had accidently set it to 50. I never shoot at ISO 50. The second thing is the reason I tap alternate lights is to get the cats to look where I want. I often turn one light up a bit higher and that helps me to get more dramatic shadows, or to light their face better so that when I add a fairy/glowing light/sunbeam to the image I have the correct lighting on the face…this makes it more realistic ūüôā

The toys used were from Ceylon’s Wand-erland. The backdrops used were from ¬†Lemondrop Stop.

Hello World!

A week ago I asked my friends and followers if they would enjoy following a blog if I created one….the answer was a definite yes! So here we are!¬† I take a lot of images that I don’t post anywhere, but send privately to my kitten families, or simply just end up saving to my hard drive (I don’t want to overload Facebook, so I usually pick a favorite from a session and post just one or two). Lately I have been working on some “story” sessions, or themed sessions (cannot wait to show you guys!). ¬†I also have sessions with some funny blooper shots I don’t always post, but I think may give you guys a giggle. So my plan for this¬†blog is a place where I could put many¬†images from a session and the story line. As well as some behind the scenes details or funny things that happened! Mostly these would be my own sessions with my own cats, but some would be client work as well. For my photographer friends I¬†will¬†include some info about lenses, settings and props that were used in the creation of the image.¬†