The Outside Adventure!


When it comes to outdoor photos I have always used only natural light and a reflector rather than my studio flash units. But I decided I wanted to try something a little different so I took one of my lights outside to play! Guenhwvar and Ylva the Lykoi kittens were happy to be my models. I rarely photograph my kitties outside because I don’t want to risk them running off, but these two girlies are always under my feet and believe they are my shadows so this was safe. Please do not photograph  any animal outside and off the leash unless your yard is secure!

This shows what my setup looked like. I was shooting in full sun with no shade.Other then a couple of small variations, most images were shot at f/8, Shutter 1/250, ISO- 64. I used my Nikon D810 & Sigma 85 1.4. background

Now that I have talked about the technical stuff, it is time for the photos!

Outside Lykoi 1

Don’t forget to stop and smell the…flowers?




I turned the flash toward a little bush also in my yard to try for some “natural habitat” type of photos. These were shot with the same single light, but were edited to look like evening shots.






I thought it would be fun to post a video of how crazy it can be to photograph to very active kittens. It definitely requires a lot of patience and a fast finger to snap the images!

And here are a couple of bloopers (not the best quality but too funny not to share!).

“Did you just call me ugly?”Blooper1

“Imma gonna lick ya!!!”Blooper