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A week ago I asked my friends and followers if they would enjoy following a blog if I created one….the answer was a definite yes! So here we are!  I take a lot of images that I don’t post anywhere, but send privately to my kitten families, or simply just end up saving to my hard drive (I don’t want to overload Facebook, so I usually pick a favorite from a session and post just one or two). Lately I have been working on some “story” sessions, or themed sessions (cannot wait to show you guys!).  I also have sessions with some funny blooper shots I don’t always post, but I think may give you guys a giggle. So my plan for this blog is a place where I could put many images from a session and the story line. As well as some behind the scenes details or funny things that happened! Mostly these would be my own sessions with my own cats, but some would be client work as well. For my photographer friends I will include some info about lenses, settings and props that were used in the creation of the image. 


About The Author


Hi! I am Brittney Gobble, and I have been an animal lover since I was able to crawl after a cute puppy or kitten. When I was about 6 I told my mom I was going to be “rich” one day. When she asked what did “rich” mean, I quickly responded “It means I can have lots of pets!”. I suppose I have achieved that dream…. I married my veterinarian (and love of my life) in 2006 and now breed and show top quality Sphynx cats. I have three beautiful kids and many “four legged” family members running around. A couple of years ago I picked up a camera to begin photographing my kittens, and from there my love of photography has grown. There is nothing that I love more then capturing the “look” in an animal’s eye that truly shows their personality.


  1. Sharon Lee | 19th Oct 15

    Well done …Well written…Beautifully Photographed..I’m a fan😃

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