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A Dire Post

It was a Dire day in the studio…


It was a Dire day in the studio! sn’t he cute? Wait, you thought I had a horrible day? The kitten’s name is Dire!


“You look tasty!”


Those whiskers though….




And then a couple of friends dropped by for some quick photos too!


Lykoi Kitten

My camera is a Nikon D800 and my Sigma 35 1.4 Art lens was used. Two flash units were also used. My settings were- ISO-100, Shutter 1/100, F/8. The backdrop is one of my favorites from Lemondrop Stop. The water in the first image was created in Photoshop using a plug-in called “Flood” by Pear. 

What Lykoi Are Made Of…

I have had this idea in my head for some time, but need to gather all the perfect little props and finally set aside some time to make it happen!

So now you can see what Lykoi are made of ;). Cat’s Meow, Toadstools, Jellyfish Stingers, Fairy Dust, and Deadly Nightshade. Be sure to scroll down for the video too! And feel free to share and pin!

Lykoi Girls- 5

Lykoi Girls-1

“Did you say I was pretty?”




Lykoi Girls- 3

Lykoi Girls - 2

Lykoi Girls- 4

Trick or treat…Smell my…feet?

Smell My Lykoi Toes


Lykoi Kittens In a Cauldron


Behind the scenes stuff…

I used to flash units with soft boxes for this set. I also used my Nikon D800 and Sigma 35 1.4 Art lens. Most of my settings were ISO-100, Shutter 1/100, F/4.5. 

The backdrop of the tree is from Photo Prop Floors and Backdrops and is sold HERE.  I used some of my actions from Chasing Light to speed up editing. They are sold HERE.

Behind the scenes!

Pretty Pecan

I have all sorts of backdrops in all different colors and patterns, but one of my most favorites is called “Pecan”. It is a huge paper roll that is easily ripped off and changed out when it gets dirty (my kids love coloring on the scraps as well!). Once I have the pecan roll up….well, it is hard not to just keep using it over and over! I have to force myself to swap the backgrounds. So yesterday I did three little Lykoi boys on Pecan with two different quick prop setups.

Lykoi Kitten 2

Lykoi Kitten 3

Lykoi Kitten 5

Lykoi Kitten 5
Lykoi Kitten 7

Lykoi Kitten 8

Lykoi Kitten 9

Now for those still learning about the Lykoi breed, Lykoi kittens are born fully coated like a regular barn cat. As they grow, the coat falls out and they grow back in an outer coat with the roan pattern. All these boys are siblings from the same litter. But this little guy below just hasn’t decided to grow back in very much hair! I cannot decide if he looks like a kitten, a rat, or Smeagol! LOL!






Blooper shot!


I shot with my Nikon D810 and Sigma 35 1.4 Art Lens. The settings were f/8, ISO-80, Shutter Speed 1/100. I used three flash units. I have attached a horrible cellphone picture of my tiny studio with the lights set up. This was for the over head shot (the first image in this post). After I shot that image I lowered the two units with soft boxes so that they were a little more level with my subjects.  The Pecan backdrop is found HERE. The wreath is a $10 wreath from the Dollar General…and it shed twigs like crazy! Normally I would have located a nicer more realistic quality, but this is all I could get today! Look for props where ever you are…Inspiration is everywhere! tiny studio

The Outside Adventure!


When it comes to outdoor photos I have always used only natural light and a reflector rather than my studio flash units. But I decided I wanted to try something a little different so I took one of my lights outside to play! Guenhwvar and Ylva the Lykoi kittens were happy to be my models. I rarely photograph my kitties outside because I don’t want to risk them running off, but these two girlies are always under my feet and believe they are my shadows so this was safe. Please do not photograph  any animal outside and off the leash unless your yard is secure!

This shows what my setup looked like. I was shooting in full sun with no shade.Other then a couple of small variations, most images were shot at f/8, Shutter 1/250, ISO- 64. I used my Nikon D810 & Sigma 85 1.4. background

Now that I have talked about the technical stuff, it is time for the photos!

Outside Lykoi 1

Don’t forget to stop and smell the…flowers?




I turned the flash toward a little bush also in my yard to try for some “natural habitat” type of photos. These were shot with the same single light, but were edited to look like evening shots.






I thought it would be fun to post a video of how crazy it can be to photograph to very active kittens. It definitely requires a lot of patience and a fast finger to snap the images!

And here are a couple of bloopers (not the best quality but too funny not to share!).

“Did you just call me ugly?”Blooper1

“Imma gonna lick ya!!!”Blooper