A Dire Post

It was a Dire day in the studio…


It was a Dire day in the studio! sn’t he cute? Wait, you thought I had a horrible day? The kitten’s name is Dire!


“You look tasty!”


Those whiskers though….




And then a couple of friends dropped by for some quick photos too!


Lykoi Kitten

My camera is a Nikon D800 and my Sigma 35 1.4 Art lens was used. Two flash units were also used. My settings were- ISO-100, Shutter 1/100, F/8. The backdrop is one of my favorites from Lemondrop Stop. The water in the first image was created in Photoshop using a plug-in called “Flood” by Pear. 

About The Author


Hi! I am Brittney Gobble, and I have been an animal lover since I was able to crawl after a cute puppy or kitten. When I was about 6 I told my mom I was going to be “rich” one day. When she asked what did “rich” mean, I quickly responded “It means I can have lots of pets!”. I suppose I have achieved that dream…. I married my veterinarian (and love of my life) in 2006 and now breed and show top quality Sphynx cats. I have three beautiful kids and many “four legged” family members running around. A couple of years ago I picked up a camera to begin photographing my kittens, and from there my love of photography has grown. There is nothing that I love more then capturing the “look” in an animal’s eye that truly shows their personality.


  1. Donna Dyer | 1st Nov 15

    Lovely photos as usual Brittney! Of course you always have the best subject matter. Love these little guys so much!

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